"At the very beginning, James asked everyone to raise their hand if they created content on YouTube. Nearly every hand in the room shot up. In that moment of solidarity, it became less of an audience/panelist interaction and more of a casual discussion amongst a group of people who shared a passion for this hobby we had all taken up and the community that we had found within it."

- Sadie’s beautiful piece on the <famous panel — on which she was a panelist — at VidCon 2013
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That’s it. “Earthquake” will always remind me of Charlotte.


Dan’s Sidewalk Stories series is something I very much like, indeed.


The Stream integrated Storify into a blog about fandom culture Feb. 12 and hosted a fantastic Google+ hangout session with the likes of Andrew Slack.

The conversation consisted of various fandoms speaking on behalf of something that — as I argue in this video — is not exclusive to the time period in which we live.

Thanks to my friends at Wonkistan for the unintended inspiration for this week’s moving image — that’s not a .gif — from yours truly.




New video: “Right after boobs became a part of my life.”
I talk about love. Well, middle school love. 

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From my website:

When I was 20 — not as newly minted to the age as I am right now to 22 but still pretty shiny — I laughed about freelancing.

To me, freelancing was a blanket term for unemployed-but-I’m-a-free-spirit-so-I-get-work-when-I-can-but-really-I-should-be-a-full-time-worker-and-also-I’m-not-lazy-it’s-just-this-economy — hm, the way I remember it contained far less political commentary, but the shadow of that sentiment existed.

I began my rite of passage as a freelancer in December, and the largest vegetable of my labor dropped today. It takes the form of this cover story I wrote for Folio Weekly, an alt weekly of which I’m fond and have been for, you know, years.

Anyway, I decided to break down some of my process of this piece and comment on what different skills I had to engage, to make it all work. Because, on job applications, “strong verbal and communication skills” fails to fully encompass the routine of producing written content.

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